Phobe,Piper,Phobe cast prue
As I chant this spell,to bring back Prue Hallwell,from heaven or hell
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Date Sep 19,2014
Seasons 1A
Episode 1
Director Alyssa Milano
Previous Episode Season 8 of Charmed
Next Episode Do you remember yourself?

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Pagie Orbs into the Manor to see Leo with lil Wyatt and Chris. Piper and Phoebe walks in the Manor "Hi Piper! Phoebe ",Pagie said. Piper storms out. "What wrong with her", to Page said."She misses Prue that all.". I miss too", Phoebe says with a sad voice. A light of obs appear. Hello the Phoebe, PagiePaige", the Elder say. "I have news for all, I need to speak to all three of you".PhPaige and the Elder walk up stairs to find Piper in the attic.

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"Piper, Phoebe, Paige, is a spell that can bring back one person from the dead, " Says the Elder. Piper has a flashback of the day of Prue's Death. The elder gives the paper with the spell on it. "It only your for one use. After that, it will fade away". The Elder Orbs out. "Prue", Piper said. "Prue," Paige said. "Mom, " Phoebe said, "I only met her as a spirit that all".Piper and Phoebe get into a Magic Fight. Phoebe throws a vase, Piper freeze it then blew it up. Phoebe got shaky and flowed off the floor and hit her head. "Fine Prue" Phone agreed with her sisters.

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The sister start to chant the spell

As I chant this spell,

to bring back Prue Halliwell

from heaven or hell

Seconds later was has pulled out the attic with a gust of wind. The shiny moon turns to the bright sun. "The spell, " Phoebe said scanning through the Book. As Phoebe head down a stair, they see Prue standing there. It was the day of Prue death in the present of there eyes. "Piper comes here fast", Page said. Piper slides over were Phoebe and Paige at and stars chanting the Shax vanquishing spell.

Evil winds that blow,

That which forms below.

No longer may you dwell,

Death takes you with this spell.

As Prue jumps to save the doctor, look looked up to see that Shax was vanquished. A big guys gust of wind picks up Prue, Phoebe, Paige, and Piper. Time goes back to the present time.

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Paige Orbs into the Manor to see Leo with oil Wyatt and Chris. Piper and Phoebe walk in the Mano. "Where Prue?",Phoebe said. They All hear a thump up stairs. They go to Paige room to see a scared Prue. "Who is you ?" , Prue said,"Who I'm I ?"