Wendy Williams
Character Information
Birthplace Palm Beach Country,Fl
Birth date December 03 1979
Species Human
Status Alive

Professional Writer


Palm Beach Country,Fl (former)
San Francisco, California


James Williams-(Husband)
James Williams,Jr-(Son)


Piper Halliwell (Close Friend)

Basic powers


Active powers


First Appearance


Last Appearance


Episode Count


Portrayed by

Tia Mowry


Wendy Thunder-Williams was born December 03 1979.She's is Piper Close Female Friend.Wendy is from Florida;when she was 12 years old her father moved to San Francisco, California where she completed 5th grade till she graduated top 5 of her class with an 4.8 Gpa. She whent off to college and earn her masters in English. In 2010, she married her man of her life named James Willams and had an Baby one year later.

Family and FriendsEdit

James Williams-(Husband)Edit

James Williams,Jr (Son)Edit

Piper Halliwell (Close Friend)Edit

Her and Piper know each other since middle school. Wendy would take up for Piper by defending her. Later an 2013 they ran into each other. She appears in Season 1B ; where she figures out that Piper is an witch with magical powers.

Seasons AppearanceEdit

Season 1AEdit

0 of 10

  1. Your Home
  2. Do you remember yourself?
  3. Found
  4. Humanoid
  5. Getting them slowly
  6. Cole the whiteligther
  7. Halloswitch
  8. The Salon Witch
  9. Melinda
  10. Old Love

Season 1BEdit



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