Phoebe Halliwell
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Character Information
Birthplace San Francisco, California
Birth date November 2, 1975
Species Witch (originally/currently)
Status Alive

The Charmed Ones
Advice Columnist for the newspaper, "The Bay Mirror"


San Francisco, California


Patty Halliwell-(Mother)
Piper Halliwell (older sister)
Prue Halliwell (older sister)
Paige Matthews (younger sister)
Leo Wyatt-(Brother-In-Law)



Basic powers

Spell Casting
Potion Making

Active powers


First Appearance

Your Home

Last Appearance


Episode Count


Portrayed by

Alissa Milano

Phoebe Halliwell was born in her family manor at 1329 Prescott Street, San Francisco, California on November 2, 1975 to the Charmed Ones mother Patricia Halliwell and mortal Victor Bennett. Phoebe has two older sisters, Prue and Piper Halliwell and a younger half-sister Paige Matthews. Phoebe was named after her mother's favorite aunt. She is Advice Columnist for the newspaper, "The Bay Mirror"and one of [[The Charmed Ones

Family,Friends & FrenemiesEdit

Piper Halliwell-(Sister)Edit

Piper and Phoebe

Prue Halliwell-(Sister)Edit

Prue and Phoebe

Paige Matthews-(Half-Sister)Edit

Pagie and Phoebe

Leo Wyatt-(Brother-In-Law)Edit

Leo and Phoebe


Coop and Phoebe

Cole Tuner-(Close Friend)Edit

Cole and Phoebe

Character HistoryEdit



Prue see Prue needs help
  • She rearn this power in the oringial Charmed Season 1
  • This was her birth power
  • She can see the past,present,future
  • She can do them on comand
  • She can share her visions


Phoebe takes flie
  • She Originally hade levitation.
    • Her levitation advanced till flight in Season 1B
  • She can carry other with her long as she have physical contact
  • She can make others flot
    • At first she can only make light object flot
    • Now she glide heavy (ex:The Halliwell Manor) thing and move lighter thing (ex:pillow)


She earns this power in the Orinigal Season 6 of Charmed and got it taken a way in Season 6.

  • She been earned it back but she does not know
  • She can copy and use others powers.
  • Sne can feel others (humans,witches,demons,ghost,animals) emotions

Pain Transfer

3x06 Empathy
  • She can make others feel pain of her or another
  • This power is an part of Empathy


  • This power is an part of Empathy


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