Chris Halliwell
Chris (FC1)
Character Information
Birthplace San Francisco, California
Birth date October 2004
Species Whiteligher-Witch
Status Alive

Whiteligher (Future) (Adult Chris)
Charmed Ones (Future) (Adult Chris)
Student (Young Chris)


San Francisco, California


Piper Halliwell (Mother)
Leo Wyatt (Father)
Prue Halliwell (Aunt)
Phoebe Halliwell (Aunt)
Paige Matthews (Aunt)
Wyatt Halliwell (Brother)
Kevin Nobel (Cousin-by-Law)

Basic powers

Spell Casting
Potion Making

Active powers


First Appearance

Your Home (Young Chris)
Getting them slowly (Adult Chris)

Last Appearance


Episode Count

6 (Adult Chris)
3 (Young Chris)

Portrayed by

Drew Fuller


Christopher Perry Halliwell better know at Chris Halliwell, what born in October of 2004 TBA

Witch PowersEdit


  • He can move thing with his hands and eyes
  • He can crush others organism

Whitelighter PowersEdit


  • He orbs slow when he first stared using this power
  • Younger Chris can't orb
    • But he can orb others without physical contact


  • Both young and adult Chris can heal
    • Younger Chris can Heal slower than Adult Chris

Episode GuideEdit

Season 1 AEdit

  • 6 of 10 (Adult Chris)*
  • 3 of 10 (Younger Chris)**
  1. Your Home**
  2. Do you remember yourself?**
  3. Found
  4. Humanoid
  5. Getting them slowly**/*
  6. Cole the whiteligher*
  7. Halloswitch*
  8. The Salon Witch*
  9. Melinda*
  10. Old Love*

Self AppearanceEdit

Young Chris Adult Chris
Chris Main
Younger Chris in 2013
Chris (FC1)
Older Chris from year 2020


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